History of the Port

Astrakhan Sea Port is one of the major sea transport enterprises, comprising border inspection and customs functions.

The Port is situated in the mouth of the Volga River, where it inflows into the Caspian Sea. Once a small business, involved mostly in dredging operations, today it is the first-class Port with restructured and newly built terminals equipped with modern cargo handling equipment and machinery for timely cargo transshipment and handling.

On November 26, 1937, the Decision of the Economic Board of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR No 703-403 signified creation of Astrakhan Fishing Port of the 1st category, governed by the Main Directorate of the Fishing Industry in the Western Parts of the USSR. On October 1960, the Decree of the Council of the People's Economy No 250 merged Astrakhan Fishing Port with the ice-and-salt transshipping works into the Astrakhan Sea Fishing Port. In accordance with the Order by the Main Directorate of the Fishing Industry in the Caspian Sea Basin (Caspryba) No 146 of March 03, 1970, Astrakhan Sea Fishing Port incorporated on January 01, 1970 the communication and navigation services.

On December 01, 1988, Astrakhan Sea Fishing Port was transferred to the Ministry of Fishing Industry. Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No 243 of November 28, 1991 "On Reorganization of the Structures of Governance in the RSFSR" eliminated the Ministry of Fishing Industry of the USSR. In 1993, in fulfillment of the requirements of newly introduced Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Enterprises and Business Activities", the Port was registered under the name of the Astrakhan Sea Fishing Port State Enterprise. The Committee for Administration of the State Property of the Astrakhan Oblast was named the Founder of the enterprise.

In those days, the Port had maximum capacity of cargo handling and dredging operations of up to 10 thousand tons a day or 2.5 million tons a year, including 400 thousand tons of general cargoes.

In 1999 the Port was able to carry out technical modernization (new warehouses for indoor cargo storage with total area of 12.5 thousand sq. m were built and new modern loading machinery procured) and made a considerable commercial progress. A border inspection and customs post was established and furnished thus opening the Port for foreign flag vessels.

On September 11, 2006, the Cargo Site No4 was separated into independent Astrakhan Sea Port CJSC.

Since 2014 Astrakhan Sea Port is a part of AEON Corporation.